How do I change Learning Period Dates in ReportWriter?

  1. Open ReportWriter. Ignore the student roster if it appears and click on TOOLS on the top toolbar.
  2. Go to TEACHER INFO. (If you haven’t entered your first and last name here, now’s a good time to do it. The only other field that shows up anywhere is the teacher number. Type N/A if you don’t have one.)
  3. You should see the learning period section on the bottom right hand corner. If you don’t, change the school year to any year except 2005/2006 and then back to 2005/2006.
  4. In the learning period section, hit the down arrow next to the word CHOOSE under the words Learning Periods.
  5. Click on the last learning period that shows (10?11? 36?).
  6. Click on “Remove Learning Period” 10 times (or 11 or 36 – however many learning periods you have in the program) in succession. You should have no more learning periods or dates in the CHOOSE window.
  7. Go back up to the school year and change it again, to any year except 2005/2006 and then back to 2005/2006. Now your dates should be correct in the learning period area.
  8. Click Done. Go to File and Open Student.

Any students you have worked with in the 2005/2006 school year will have to be reset also. Do steps 3 through 7 for any student that does not have the correct learning periods.

Make sure your student school year is set at 2005/2006 and do a check to make sure the learning period dates for this first student are correct. Call us if you have ANY problems. That’s what we’re here for!

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