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We go beyond other SIS products to better support charter schools, hybrid classrooms, and independent study programs.

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All the Essential SIS Features Better Tailored to Non-Traditional Schools

From registration and course structure to student engagement and program compliance, we’ve built a comprehensive solution for schools of small to medium size facing unique compliance requirements.

We have spent over 20 years working with educators to overcome operational challenges, creating a SIS product designed to ensure each administrator, teacher, and student has access to the tools they need to succeed.

Confidence in Compliance and CALPADS Reporting

Reduce the burden, frustration, and resource consumption for CALPADS reporting and compliance with independent study, virtual learning, or charter school requirements. Identify CALPADS errors in minutes, produce CA State Compliant documentation, and take confidence in the accuracy of funding data collected and reported by your school.

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Decrease Errors and Increase Funding

Don’t miss out on funding due to reporting errors. Immediately identify and remedy errors in CALPADs reports before submission and ensure you have the data you need when you need it for your reports.

Our school has been using School Pathways for four years. The product seems to be designed specifically for our needs. It works flawlessly, and the customer support is outstanding—someone always answers the phone. School Pathways continues to innovate and provide exceptional customer service. I would highly recommend the School Pathways SIS!

– Tony Oddo

– School Director, Choices Charter School


Reports, Communication, and Customization

We make it easy to find and access relevant data that you need to see on any given day. Use 100+ pre-built reports or use our custom report generator to create your desired data combinations.

Benefit from a SIS designed for your school-including bell schedules, independent study requirements, distance learning requirements, course calendar, standards, and more. Since we’re designed to accommodate remote learning, we make communication with your community easy and straightforward.

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A Single Place for Teachers’ Daily Workflow and Activities

Manage classes, curricula, student assignments, grades, report cards, communications, and more in a single, central location. Leverage our LMS and Assessment integrations to get a comprehensive view of student performance, sharing important information with students and parents via our online portal.


A Robust, Mobile-Friendly Student and Family Portal

Our student portal provides access to all of the information and resources students need to effectively engage in and complete their learning program objectives. With assignments, lesson plans, integrated content, curriculum, grading, and progress reports, we make it easy for each student to immerse themselves in, and successfully finish, their learning journey. Parents or authorized family members can access their students’ courses, assignments, and grades.

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Highlighted Features of Our Student Information System

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Discover why schools love us, what sets us apart from other providers, and our unique history and focus on personalized learning.

Personalized Learning System

Support 1:1 learning in any learning context for short or longer periods of time to ensure student outcomes.

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