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Our collaborative, personal approach helps ensure your success with our solutions.

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What to Expect

From data loads to configurations to user training, we provide a straightforward onboarding experience backed by best practices and years of experience.

Implement and Onboard With Ease

We draw on experience gained from implementing hundreds of districts, CMOs and individual charter schools to ensure your onboarding is a simple, pain-free process. We work with your staff members through system design and setup, getting your solution up and running quickly. We provide training to all of your key users to ensure our products will be successfully adopted in each of your schools from day one.

Get Help with CALPADS Reporting From Our Experts

We have years of experience consulting with hundreds of California K-12 clients on state compliance and CALPADS reporting. We collaborate with your staff to set a course for your CALPADS certification and walk you through how to achieve it.

We understand funding and compliance are of the highest priority, particularly when you have limited resources and are running programs such as distance learning or independent study. We understand known CALPADS issues as well as how to solve them. When you work with School Pathways, you can take confidence in being able to submit correct reports, on time, for maximum funding.

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Strength in State Reporting

From built-in product features like color coded data validation and pre-submission error checking, to our staff of CALPADS specialists, we have you covered for state reporting and compliance.

Wednesday Webinars

Sign up for some of our training webinars on School Pathways products as well as webinars on recent policy updates or changes.

I found the consultants at School Pathways were able to answer all my CALPADS questions in a simple, straight-forward way so I could not only correct all of my fatal errors but understand the process as I went. I am looking forward to working with them again for this year’s submissions.

– Linda Barneby

– Adminstrative Assistant, Whitmore Elementary School District

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High-touch Help From Your Named Account Manager

Whether it’s a routine support inquiry, ongoing training for your teachers, creating custom reports, or setting up your attendance system, School Pathways offers personalized, high-touch ongoing support with a named account manager. Our personalized approach will delight you and ensure your success in using School Pathways products.

We also offer consulting services if you’re looking to start, create, or revamp programs for virtual learning, hybrid learning, or independent study. We have you covered.


Learn to Use School Pathways Products

School Pathways offers academies, webinars, and training material to help new users get up to speed on School Pathways as well as stay on top of new changes to policies and requirements for reporting.

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Why School Pathways

Discover why schools love us, what sets us apart from other providers, and our unique history and focus on personalized learning.

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Support 1:1 learning in any learning context for short or longer periods of time to ensure student outcomes.

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