Personalized Learning System

A product to help educators plan and deliver high quality, personalized learning to every student.

Personalized Learning System one to one learning

Teaching and 1:1 Learning Made Easy

Our platform ensures that educators and students have access to the plans, content, tools, and data they need to facilitate high-quality, personalized instructional programs that produce successful student outcomes.

Everything You Need for Impactful One-to-One Learning Programs

From Independent Study to hybrid classrooms, our Personalized Learning System is built specifically for schools who want to implement or use personalized learning at any level. Customized learning for a student could be for a single class, a course, an entire semester, or an entire year. Unique features and tools simplify the learning experience through a centralized, straightforward UX and UI design.

From instruction to compliance, we have you covered. Our pre-loaded publisher lesson plans and integrated content, master agreements, document archiving and activity reports ensure each student is engaged and on track and that your programs adhere to state compliance and funding standards.

Enhance Your LMS with Technology that Enables High Quality, Individualized Instruction

Your LMS can be a great tool to create assignments and facilitate communication and collaboration in the classroom. However, when it comes to the intricacies of personalized instruction, LMSs do not have the tools for 1:1 planning, content delivery, or progress monitoring that your teachers need to deliver high-quality personalized learning at scale.

Our Personalized Learning System (PLS) enables educators to build and monitor individual learning plans, incorporating publisher curricula and digital content. Save significant time adjusting classes with bulk editing, designed to handle large-scale changes efficiently for instruction. The PLS also provides the digital forms and activity reports needed to ensure successful student outcomes and maintain compliance with state regulations.

Personalized Learning System LMS agnostic

PLS – Instructional Technology that Augments Your LMS

LMSs are useful, but they don’t have pre-loaded content and you don’t benefit from access to multiple publishers or auto-generated learning activity data. We sit on top of your LMS providing content, data, and simple portals that streamline personalized learning.

PLS has been an invaluable system for Visions In Education since its implementation in July 2017; however, it has become even more important during this COVID-19 time when all school business is happening remotely. PLS is more than just a system for tracking paperwork. The custom fields and reports, the assignments and gradebook features, the ability to integrate with other systems, and the Parent Portal are all functionalities within PLS that support teachers in providing a great education to students. As a school that serves more than 7,000 students, we are continually grateful for our partnership with School Pathways, which enhances our ability to continue to serve and support the many students that depend on us.

– Michael Brubaker

– Director of Operations, Visions In Education

Personalized Learning System lesson plan bank


Create Lesson Plans Efficiently With Pre-loaded Publisher Content

Developing and monitoring individualized student instruction plans can be overwhelming for teachers, especially in a hybrid or remote learning environments.

Our lesson plan bank of 7,500+ pre-built lessons from 30+ publishers, along with our bookshelf of digital content integrations, enables teachers to develop individual learning plans, assign activities and deploy content to students without having to do a prohibitive amount of work.


Keep Track of Student Engagement and Learning Activity

One of the biggest challenges of delivering effective, personalized, online instruction is figuring out which students are tuned in to the learning process.

Our Personalized Learning System provides real-time student engagement and activity data to teachers, based on the time each student spends consuming content or working in your LMS. Teachers can easily identify students in need of reengagement by customizing percentage thresholds for attendance and synchronous instruction participation. With student history data readily available, teachers can monitor students’ reengagement entry and exits point at a glance.

This feedback makes it easy for teachers to adjust their efforts for each student, giving more or less autonomy based on individual student engagement, progress, and needs.

Personalized Learning System student progress dashboard
Personalized Learning System archiving


Digitally Manage Learning Agreements, Document Signatures and Archiving

Clear documentation fosters teacher/student alignment on expectations and is required to adhere to state compliance rules for distance learning and independent study programs. From master learning agreements to document archiving and activity tracking, our PLS product allows you to reduce staff burdens, while ensuring program compliance, by digitally managing program documents and compliance data.

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Administrative hours saved on rostering per year

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Time savings on managing master agreements

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Reduction in time spend creating lesson plans

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Decrease in time spent tracking student activity

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Reduction in time spent preparing for audits

Highlighted Features of Our Personalized Learning System

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