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Success Stories

Case Study: Visions In Education

Northern CA’s Leading Provider of Independent Study Partners with School Pathways to Scale Personalized, Online Education The educators at Visions In Education have been working for over 20 years to advance their mission of preparing each student to succeed in our rapidly changing world. They provide a high-quality standards-based education to Home School families (TK-12) […]

Case Study: California Pacific Charter Schools

CalPac Charter Pioneers Virtual Instruction, Delivers Improved Student Outcomes, is a Top Choice for Families Christine Feher is an Executive Director at California Pacific Charter Schools (CalPac), an online charter school based in Orange County, California, and serving students in over two dozen counties throughout the state. Ms. Feher is a leading educator in the realm […]

News and Announcements

School Pathways Announces Two-Way Integration with Google for Education

School Pathways announced today that in partnership with Google for Education, has completed a two-way product integration with Google Classroom.

Parkview School Selects School Pathways to Administer its Rapidly Growing Independent Study Program

Parkview School, a TK-12 alternative school serving Independent Study (IS) students at Placenta-Yorba Linda Unified in Orange County, California, selected School Pathways as the platform to manage their IS program following significant growth and a need for a personalized learning system.

School Pathways Names Oliver Wreford as CEO

Press Release – California-based company School Pathways names new K-12 executive Oliver Wreford, an edtech veteran, as CEO following acquisition by Banyan Software.

Banyan Software Announces Acquisition of School Pathways

Atlanta-based Banyan Software, Inc., a company focused on acquiring, building and growing great enterprise software businesses, is pleased to announce the acquisition of School Pathways LLC.


How to Onboard Students, Families, and Staff for Virtual Learning

In this second installment of School Pathways’ Independent Study Essentials Series we will discuss principles and best practices for designing an onboarding process for Independent Study (IS), virtual, and hybrid learning. With each piece, we will share advice from educators who are deeply versed in IS, and we hope this series can serve as a […]

Key Questions to Outline Your Independent Study Program Structure

Independent Study (IS) and flexible learning environments have become an integral part of education as the space continues to evolve and innovate in response to learner needs, environmental variables, and new educational approaches. Even more so, in California specifically, almost every district in the state now has an Independent Study option to offer some variation […]

How to Engage Students in Online Learning—and Keep them Engaged

In the United States, more than 2.7 million students are involved in some type of online learning program. Furthermore, many students in grades K-12 are benefiting from a high-quality online education. While enrollment numbers continue to climb,  a big stressor we’ve been hearing about from teachers at virtual schools or working in any capacity with […]

Envisioning Student Success as Independent Study and Virtual Learning Programs Grow

The COVID-19 pandemic thrust millions of anxious parents and students into at-home learning for the first time. The result has been greater awareness and interest in alternative educational environments like independent study (IS), virtual learning, hybrid learning and homeschooling. A variety of motivations fuel the growing significance of virtual learning programs. In some cases, concern over the safety […]

8 Tips for Successfully Growing Your Independent Study Program

Increased interest in Independent Study (IS) is here to stay. That became evident when learning environments had to shift due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s even more true now with California’s AB 130, AB 167, and now AB 181 mandating that every CA district offer an Independent Study option while placing new, complex requirements […]

Enterprise Software for Independent Study Program Growth & Success

Ever-growing interest in individualized and virtual instruction is leading more and more students to opt for Independent Study (IS). This is especially true following the COVID-19 pandemic. Investing in tailored enterprise software can be a key way to get ahead of the game and see real returns as your IS program grows. We spoke to our […]

I am the Assistant Director of a small, Independent Study Charter School….For years, my largest frustration was the lack of attention from our technology vendors. When I call School Pathways, they answer the phone and say “Hi Russell.” I know the person answering the phone, and that person can often help within moments. If not, they put me momentarily on hold to see if the person that CAN help me is available, and often they are.

– Russell Brown

– Assistant Director, Choices Charter School

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