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Teacher with young student doing work in a classroom

The Blueprint to Charter School Success: Strategies and Insights

Get the roadmap to help build thriving charter school programs, ensuring every student’s journey is a pathway to success.

educator teaching a virtual class

Embracing Virtual Learning: How School Leaders Can Leverage Technology to Revolutionize Education

Download this whitepaper to learn how to achieve long-term virtual learning benefits with a flexible and adaptive approach using essential technologies.

Male school teacher teaching students with laptop

The Educator’s School Survival Guide

Create a supportive and healthy learning environment that lasts when times get tough. Get our newest guide to explore tips and resources.

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Grading Your Current Student Information System

Is your Student Information System (SIS) maximizing its potential? Get the checklist to score your SIS.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Meeting CALPADS Requirements

Let this guide be your comprehensive resource for navigating CALPADS requirements with confidence. Download the ebook today.

A teacher holding an ipad stands on the left-hand side of a classroom addressing a group of middle school students. The students are turned away from from the viewer as the listen to the teacher.

The Complete Guide to Independent Study & Virtual Learning Essentials

With advice from expert California educators, get the guide to help create or update your own Independent Study, virtual, or hybrid program.

ROI of Enterprise Software for Independent Study Programs

Enterprise Software for Independent Study Program Growth & Success Report

Read the full report for a breakdown of time and cost savings—including actual data and testimonials—you can expect to gain from utilizing PLS.

Success Stories

Case Study: Golden Charter Academy

Charter School Triumph: How Golden Charter Academy Streamlined Operations with School Pathways’ SIS Starting and operating a brand new charter […]

Case Study: Visions In Education

Northern CA’s Leading Provider of Independent Study Partners with School Pathways to Scale Personalized, Online Education The educators at Visions […]

Case Study: California Pacific Charter Schools

CalPac Charter Pioneers Virtual Instruction, Delivers Improved Student Outcomes, is a Top Choice for Families Christine Feher is an Executive […]

News and Announcements

Five Keys Charter School Launches School Pathways’ SIS+ Suite to Simplify Processes and Support Student Success

Five Keys Charter School has implemented School Pathways’ Online Registration platform, Student Information System (SIS), and Personalized Learning System (PLS) as its new integrated education solution.

School Pathways Launches Two-Way Integration with Zoom Meetings

School Pathways has created a two-way product integration with Zoom Video Communications, Inc. This new feature will help educators track synchronous instruction and live interaction in virtual and hybrid classrooms

School Pathways Announces Two-Way Integration with Google for Education

School Pathways announced today that in partnership with Google for Education, has completed a two-way product integration with Google Classroom.

Parkview School Selects School Pathways to Administer its Rapidly Growing Independent Study Program

Parkview School, a TK-12 alternative school serving Independent Study (IS) students at Placenta-Yorba Linda Unified in Orange County, California, selected School Pathways as the platform to manage their IS program following significant growth and a need for a personalized learning system.

School Pathways Names Oliver Wreford as CEO

Press Release – California-based company School Pathways names new K-12 executive Oliver Wreford, an edtech veteran, as CEO following acquisition by Banyan Software.

Banyan Software Announces Acquisition of School Pathways

Atlanta-based Banyan Software, Inc., a company focused on acquiring, building and growing great enterprise software businesses, is pleased to announce the acquisition of School Pathways LLC.


Support Education Engagement With 5 Research-Backed Ways to Reduce Student Absenteeism

The rise of chronic student absenteeism has been an dramatic trend over the past few years. According to the most […]

Strategies for Boosting Student Engagement in Hybrid and Virtual Learning Environments

According to the Research Institute of America, e-learning can help students retain between 25%-60% more information. More and more schools […]

What to Look For in an SIS For Your Charter School

A Student Information System (SIS) is the hub for student-centered school processes that allows educators to efficiently manage student records, […]

A Year in Education: Insights from 2023 and Education Trends for 2024

As we approach the end of 2023, it’s helpful to take a step back and reflect on the insights we’ve […]

Why Optimizing Your Technology Stack Matters in Online Education, and How to Achieve It

EdTech usage among K-12 schools has increased by 99% since the year 2020.  It’s one of many trends originating from […]

Grading Your Current Student Information System: An SIS Assessment

Is your Student Information System (SIS) maximizing its potential? Many SISs only cover the basics needed to manage school data, […]

I am the Assistant Director of a small, Independent Study Charter School….For years, my largest frustration was the lack of attention from our technology vendors. When I call School Pathways, they answer the phone and say “Hi Russell.” I know the person answering the phone, and that person can often help within moments. If not, they put me momentarily on hold to see if the person that CAN help me is available, and often they are.

– Russell Brown

– Assistant Director, Choices Charter School

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