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I am the Assistant Director of a small, Independent Study Charter School….For years, my largest frustration was the lack of attention from our technology vendors. When I call School Pathways, they answer the phone and say “Hi Russell.” I know the person answering the phone, and that person can often help within moments. If not, they put me momentarily on hold to see if the person that CAN help me is available, and often they are.

– Russell Brown

– Assistant Director, Choices Charter School

Parkview School Selects School Pathways to Administer its Rapidly Growing Independent Study Program

Parkview School, a TK-12 alternative school serving Independent Study (IS) students at Placenta-Yorba Linda Unified in Orange County, California, selected School Pathways as the platform to manage their IS program.

The district saw significant growth in the number of students participating in their IS program this year and will use School Pathway’s Personalized Learning System (PLS) to make it easier for teachers to manage all aspects of Independent Study, from learning plans to program documentation and state compliance..

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