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Helping educators accommodate the unique needs of each learner in any environment.

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Our Foundations Are in Education

Foundations Teaching at a Charter School

Co-founders Amy and Kathleen were both educators who were frequently frustrated by the burdens of state reporting. They created School Pathways for their school as a solution to make it easier to complete state reporting submissions.

Growing Client Base

After gaining initial traction, word about School Pathways began to spread and our client base grew. We also became known for providing exceptional customer service and an innovative set of solutions for independent study programs and virtual or distance learning.

Solutions for Online, Personalized Learning

In 2011, we launched our Personalized Learning System to complement our SIS and differentiate ourselves by serving the needs of educators seeking more effective solutions for online, individualized instruction programs such as independent study.

Meeting Broader Market Needs for Personalized, Online Instruction

Today more than ever, educators need solutions that allow them to effectively engage with and instruct all students, regardless of their learning setting. With proven solutions and years of experience, School Pathways is expanding our reach to help educators everywhere rise to the challenge of delivering high quality, online learning experiences at scale.

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Independent Study Programs

Discover products built specifically for programs where students learn on their own or 1:1 for a single course or an entire school year.

Personalized Learning System

Support 1:1 learning in any learning context for short or longer periods of time to ensure student outcomes.

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