About School Pathways

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Our Purpose

Partnering with educators to help them open doors to the best possibilities for each of their students.

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Our Mission

To provide flexible, reliable solutions that simplify school operations and foster student success in a variety of learning environments.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Oliver Wreford - CEO

Oliver Wreford


Ben Fojas - CTO

Benedict Fojas


Kacie Jester

Senior Director of Customer Success

Male with blonde hair and light grey dress shirt

Scott Holmes

Director of Operations

Charmaine Pellegrini - Manager of Customer Success

Charmaine Pellegrini

Manager of Customer Support | Customer Success

Ryan Watson - Lead Developer

Ryan Watson

Manager of Software Development

David Marchand - Product Manager

David Marchand

Product Manager

LeAnn Steffanic - Controller

LeAnn Steffanic

Director of Finance

Meet Our Team

Ali Doty

Customer Support Specialist

Anna Stonaivea Software Tester I

Anna Stonaieva

Software Tester I

Arah Craig - Account Manager & State Reporting Specialist

Arah Craig

Professional Services and Data Lead

Asil Serhal - Enterprise Account Manager

Asil Serhal

Enterprise Account Manager

Bridget Bergin - Account Manager

Bridget Bergin

Enterprise Account Manager

Christian Richmond - Software Developer

Christian Richmond

Software Developer

Debra Reynolds

Manager of Enterprise Accounts and CALPADS

Diamond McCullough

Customer Support Specialist

Asian woman with long black hair and round glasses smiling wearing a blue checkered blazer

Elena Chow

Growth Marketing Manager

Erica Williams

Sales Development Representative

Woman medium hair with black blouse

Heather Herrera

Enterprise Account Manager

Man smiling with purple dress shirt

Hunter Lupton

Software Developer

Man with facial hair smiling with glasses wearing a red plaid shirt

Jason Shirley

Software Developer

Man with glasses in a suit

Javier Rivera

Manager of Product Education

Joel Arant - Software Developer

Joel Arant

Software Developer

John Palys - IT Systems Administrator

John Palys

IT Systems Administrator

John Wakeman - Software Developer

John Wakeman

Software Developer


LaShawnda Wilson

Enterprise Account Manager

Maria Rodriguez - Account Manager

Maria Rodriguez

Customer Support Specialist

Martena Youkhanis - Customer Support Specialist

Martena Youkhanis

Customer Support Specialist

School Pathways Software Developer Matthew Richardson smiles to camera, weating a black and white checkered shirt

Matthew Richardson

Software Developer

Max Williams - Software Developer

Max Williams

Software Developer

Woman with medium brown hair and beige blouse

Miranda Varela

Software Developer

Nick Solwick - Software Developer

Nick Solwick

Software Developer

Pete Fox

Enterprise Account Manager

Rocky Butler

CALPADS Specialist

Sean Paz Software Tester I

Sean Paz

Software Tester I


Shane Krueger

Enterprise Account Manager

Shawn Hanrahan - Sales Account Executive

Shawn Hanrahan

Sales Account Executive

Shlee Everson

Customer Support Specialist

Will Weyrich - Software Developer (1)

Will Weyrich

Software Developer

Our Values

Lead with Empathy 

Show care and understanding so that everyone feels valued and heard.

Model Integrity

Act with honesty, fairness, and transparency, and look for solutions where everybody wins.

Test Boundaries 

Grow beyond what we know. Challenge ourselves to try new things and make mistakes.

Go the Extra Mile

Extend an extra hand and own opportunities to problem-solve. Share in a commitment to success.

Maintain Balance

Be dedicated but don’t overburden. Enjoy your non-work life, and remember: work should be fun too.

Our Foundations Are in Education

Foundations Teaching at a Charter School

Co-founders Amy and Kathleen were both educators who were frequently frustrated by the burdens of state reporting. They created School Pathways for their school as a solution to make it easier to complete state reporting submissions.

Growing Client Base

After gaining initial traction, word about School Pathways began to spread and our client base grew. We also became known for providing exceptional customer service and an innovative set of solutions for independent study programs and virtual or distance learning.

Solutions for Online, Personalized Learning

In 2011, we launched our Personalized Learning System to complement our SIS and differentiate ourselves by serving the needs of educators seeking more effective solutions for online, individualized instruction programs such as independent study.

Meeting Broader Market Needs for Personalized, Online Instruction

Today more than ever, educators need solutions that allow them to effectively engage with and instruct all students, regardless of their learning setting. With proven solutions and years of experience, School Pathways is expanding our reach to help educators everywhere rise to the challenge of delivering high quality, online learning experiences at scale.

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Independent Study Programs

Discover products built specifically for programs where students learn on their own or 1:1 for a single course or an entire school year.

Personalized Learning System

Support 1:1 learning in any learning context for short or longer periods of time to ensure student outcomes.

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