School Pathways Solutions

Solutions proven over two decades to help educators deliver outstanding online, personalized instruction.

School Pathways Solutions hybrid and distance learning

Hybrid and
Distance Learning

Improve the learning experience for hybrid classrooms and distance learning programs streamlining lesson plans, content delivery, attendance, and student engagement and activity monitoring.

School Pathways Solutions virtual schools

Virtual Schools

Address your unique needs as a virtual school with pre-loaded online lesson plans, and integrated digital content as well as digital tools for communication, reporting, registration, course set-up, assignment sheets, reports cards, and more.

School Pathways Solutions independent study programs

Independent Study

Allow teachers to create a learning pathway for each student with technology that enables personalized learning plans, digital management of program documents, auto-monitoring of student activity data, and compliance with state requirements.

Your programmer knows his stuff, but he is personable, helpful and nice! All of you at School Pathways have been excellent and service-oriented. Keep up the great work with your excellent product and service!

– Becky Hofer

– Mid-Valley Alternative Charter School

Why School Pathways

Discover why schools love us, what sets us apart from other providers, and our unique history and focus on personalized learning.

Personalized Learning System

Support 1:1 learning in any learning context for short or longer periods of time to ensure student outcomes.

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