Could you give me a quick run-down on how to use the report card feature?

The first row of boxes shows the grade and credits attempted for the Class (this may be an average of several pieces of curricula).

The second (and third, etc.) shows the grade and credits attempted for each piece of curricula.

The CE box is where you will enter CREDITS EARNED through course work completed.

You can still Hide a class or a piece of curriculum or an entire class.

You can also combine two pieces of curriculum to create a new CLASS (or do the reverse – split classes). If you assigned two pieces of curriculum separately and now want to combine them into a Class, you click the Class box, then click the two pieces of curriculum you want to combine. Click Combine. They will now both show up under the Class title. Do the opposite to split two pieces of curriculum under one class (although this is a bit trickier – call us!). You can edit the titles of the class by clicking the Edit button.

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