Sometimes I can’t find a course I’m looking for. Is there an easy way?

Using the “Containing Phrase” feature in the Designate a Course page of ReportWriter helps you search for books you can’t find. If you know part of the title, type it in the open field and the program will search for the book for you. It has to match the phrase exactly to match it. Example: If you type in Mathematics and the name of the book title is Math, the search will not find the book. But if you type in Math it will find all books with the word Math in it and Mathematics.

You can also use the Book List on our web site. It is updated monthly. Go to CURRICULUM SERVICES and then click on BOOK LIST.

Some schools only want to “see” the books they regularly use in ReportWriter. If you would like to limit the books you see in ReportWriter, have a representative from your school call us.

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