On the Master Agreement default page (go to Reports and click on Master Agreement), the State recommends the following information:

Grades Covered: the grades covered for your school such as K to 12.

Max Assn Days: the maximum days for each assignment period your board policy allows, such as 20.

Max Missed Assign: the number of assignments a student can miss, per board policy, within an assignment period – some schools type in a number, others use a percent.

Duration: Almost always, this is “One Semester”.

Contract Term: The State wanted us to be more specific so we added another field for the Contract Term. Make sure you choose one from each column.

Middle Column bottom: Click on the LP’s (Learning Periods) that this master agreement is being created for.

Meeting Information: You can choose more than one type of meeting. Make sure you scroll down to see all the information you need to fill in.

Effective Dates: These are the beginning and ending dates of the Semester OR the beginning of this student’s enrollment (if he/she started after the first day of the semester) and the end date of the semester.

The Master Agreement will print out now so you will not have to re-print the second page if you add between 1 and 12 courses (single spaced). It prints with a page break. You can also choose to print it with text titles or just the name you have given the CLASS in the alternate course title field.