Document Archiving

Create, Archive, & Track

Document Archiving lets staff sign and save documents online using a digital USB pen or your regular computer mouse. Documents are saved electronically onto School Pathways secure servers, where retrieval is instant. Easily store any School Pathways SIS documents including those from the PLS, CMS, or LMS and ReportWriter.

Go GREEN and Realize the Ease and Cost-Saving Benefits of Archiving!

Save documents on our secure servers as long as you need

  • Set your compliance team up with the ability to accept/reject archived documents, with rejection reasons being documented and sent to the originator
  • Quickly view or create the compliance reports you need, including: signed registration documents, emergency cards, attendance, master agreements, addendums, immunization records, birth certificates, assignment and work records, report cards and work samples

Eliminate Storage Burdens, Gain Security

  • PLSIS Archiving can help you ease the paperwork burden and save you valuable educational dollars
  • Meets critical compliance requirements auditors are looking for while giving you security, scalability, retrievability, extreme cost efficiencies and environmental friendliness

Access Electronic Documents Anytime

  • Robust, SIS-based indexing system that eliminates the manual tasks associated with handling and managing electronic files
  • Reduces paper volume and printing costs due to the need to archive large, paper files as well as time spent by personnel on tasks associated with a paper-based system

Cost Analysis

  • PLSIS Archiving is the education community’s ONLY SIS-enabled archiving solution
  • Archiving meets and exceeds critical IT objectives for secure, long-term data retention at an affordable cost:
    • For example: a school that has been in operation for at least 4 years, with an enrollment of 1,800 students spends approximately $48,000 each year in paper, ink, file costs, postage, filing cabinet space, storage boxes, personnel costs and real estate expenses to manually handle/store/access student files. ($18.11 per student/per year)
    • Cost for archiving documents, at $6 per student/per year, results in a $12.11 savings per student in the first year alone
    • Storage space savings increase each year as the school is able to shred physical documents

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Working with School Pathways was an incredibly user-friendly experience. Uncommon to have such excellent customer support combined with a very affordable service cost.

– Timothy