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Even though the Create-a-Report system does not require any programming experience or the ability to create queries, it can be a challenge to know which tables to link to get the most accurate reports.  SP will create all reports needed for one set fee per school year.


Let School Pathways help you set up your attendance system and codes to track all attendance types correctly including the chronically absent. SP can also help you:

  • Review and fix anomalies so you get maximum ADA
  • Create board-ready ADA reports including Estimated Future Attendance
  • Gather data to review your 20-day ADA reports and yearly interim reports

Program Development

We make it our business to stay informed about legislation and state requirements affecting all educational models with particular emphasis on independent study and alternative education.

If you are in the early stages of developing your program, whether it be personalizing through independent study , distance learning, or a blended model, or if you simply want to revamp and revitalize a program that already exists, we will work with you to streamline the development process, with an eye toward establishing a solid educational program for your institution.

We consult on the following topics:

  • Independent study compliant paperwork
  • Records and file management presented to auditors
  • Curriculum development, parent/student handbooks, and teacher handbooks
  • Development of NCLB course offerings
  • Flexible and comprehensive lesson plans K-12
  • WASC Certification with regard to curriculum presentation
  • A-G course offerings
  • ADA attendance tracking (including P1, P2 and reconciliation reporting)
  • Program presentation and marketing

Other Areas Where We Can Help

  • Basic School Setup including calendars, attendance periods, reporting periods, bell schedules, etc.
  • Security Permissions
  • Course Catalog Creation and Yearly Updates
  • Class Creation and Student Enrollment Support
  • Student/Parent Portal Support
  • Reg-Online Setup and Support

Let us know how we can help you!

Thanks so much. You guys are great. The success of your business is reflected not only in the quality of your product but in the superior service you provide your clients. Thanks for making our job easier.

– Kathy
Long Valley Charter School