School Pathways Expands Access to Educators’ Favorite Online Learning Tool with Google Classroom Integration

Virtual classrooms, blended learning, and online instruction are quickly becoming the norms in public education, rather than the exception. From the beginning, an important part of our approach has been to integrate School Pathways’ products with the most popular tools used by our customers. Today, we take a big step forward by announcing a new two-way integration between Google Classroom and our Personalized Learning System (PLS).

School Pathways’ PLS allows educators to more effectively plan, deliver, and monitor learning, virtual/distance instruction, and Independent Study programs while helping ensure compliance with California’s State Education Code. Feedback from our customers has long informed our approach to developing effective products and it is from them that we know our solutions must provide intuitive interfaces and reliable integration to products, curricula, and instructional resources frequently used in the classroom or back office.

With more than 100 million active users, Google Classroom is almost ubiquitous in K-12 classrooms in the U.S. and throughout the world. Teachers and students rely on Google Classroom to simplify student engagement, communication, and classroom instruction. By integrating our PLS solution with Google Classroom, educators will be able to more effectively engage and instruct each of their students, regardless of the learning environment. 

School Pathways’ integration with Google Classroom allows teachers and students to seamlessly navigate between our Personalized Learning System (PLS) and Google Classroom using Google’s single sign-on. Course (assignments, grades), instructor, and enrollment information is shared between our PLS product and Google Classroom in real-time, allowing assignment and grade information from Google Classroom to flow back to School Pathways PLS. Shared customers can manage assignments and student communication in Google Classroom to deliver individualized instructional plans and content resources while ensuring compliance with independent study and distance learning requirements in School Pathways’ PLS. 

Undoubtedly, the rapid recent shift to online instruction and distance learning has disrupted day-to-day learning in many classrooms, creating new challenges for teachers and students alike. Despite these challenges, our many years of experience in what for many is the new reality of blended education gives us confidence that positive outcomes can be achieved. We know firsthand from current customers that successful distance learning is possible and we are optimistic that our integration with Google Classroom will allow many of the teachers and students we serve to have great, engaging online learning experiences.


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Mr. Wreford is the CEO of School Pathways. He has over 20 years of experience delivering innovative solutions for customers while improving operational practices to scale enterprise SaaS businesses. Mr. Wreford has deep K-12 domain expertise and previously held roles at companies such as Accenture and PowerSchool.

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