Classroom Management System

An integral part of the SIS!

The School Pathways Classroom Management System (CMS) is a complete classroom-based management tool designed to make the organization and planning of classes easier and more useful.

All the teacher tools in one easy-to-use place!

The CMS gives teachers one central location to manage their classes and all activities that make up a teacher’s day. The system integrates seamlessly with the PLS for students taking individualized curriculum. With the CMS, teachers can:

  • Create master curriculum with assignments and objectives aligned to Common Core State Standards
  • Customize master curriculum on a daily basis without changing the master
  • Access to more than 5,000+ pre-existing lesson plans
  • View student’s basic information on classroom rosters: contacts, parents/guardians, class schedules, emergency card, SPED, 504, or EL accommodations and attendance
  • Access integrated grade book that can be customized with the ability to make assignments directly from master curriculum
    • Link a syllabus, handout or assignment announcement to the parent/student portal through the grade book

Other features include:

  • Direct link from the grade book to the parent/student portal to access
    • Attendance in classes, assignments, assignment grades, grade averages, two-way communication between teacher and student or teacher and parent, and teacher newsletters
  • Ability to take electronic attendance for ADA or informational classes
  • Ability to enter grades for import into progress/report cards printed by administration
  • Use basic report card or build your own rubric-style report cards


There are no extra fees for the CMS. The price of the CMS is included in the price of SpSIS.


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I’m definitely a good example of someone who is not at ease with the computer but I’m very comfortable using ReportWriter. It’s made creating learning records so much easier!

– Darlene
Parkview School