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ReportWriter is software provided as a service.

We always will continue making improvements to ReportWriter to ensure it operates to its full potential - you can perform a synch virtually anytime to update your ReportWriter Program to the very latest version.

The current build is Build #

  • Hardware/Software Requirements
    1. Windows 2000 - Windows 7. (Windows 8/x86 works but is not recommended. Windows 8 RT is not supported)
    2. Administrative privileges during initial install and subsequent updates.
    3. 128 MB or RAM (256 or more recommended)
    4. Approximately 200 MB of free Disk Space.
    5. Internet connection, broadband (DSL/Cable/T1) strongly recommended.
  •  Patch Patches are applied automatically by the program during a synch. Sometimes, however, a firewall will stop this from happening. This file is provided for these rare circumstances.
  • Language Libraries These are the computer language libraries needed to run ReportWriter. These libraries are part of the full installer. If you are running a patched copy of ReportWriter and are experiencing any issues installing the libraries, click on this and install.

  • Hardware/Software Requirements:
    1. Mac OSX 10.3 - 10.9 See installation instructions below.
    2. Macintosh OSX 10.4 (Tiger) or greater, PPC or Intel Processor, 128 MB of RAM, (256 or better recommended) 250-450 MB of disk space in the /Users folder. (home folder)
    3. Internet connection is required periodically. Cable/DSL or better strongly recommended.
    4. Load X11.
    5. Load Xcode Tools.
    6. Once the XCode and X11 libraries are installed with an administrative account, administrative privileges are not required to use ReportWriter.

Try a pre-release (alpha)

Customers using our ODBC module must download ODBC drivers for PostgreSQL. We are currently using version 9.4. Also, there's an excellent tutorial on setting up for ODBC with Access put together by the Postres development team.

For more information - Contact School Pathways, or call us at: 866-200-6936.